Data increasingly shapes our world. The way our society handles information is changing, and with any change comes an opportunity for progress. Non-profit organizations that are able to capitalize on that opportunity will find it is easier to share their knowledge, to improve their work, and to demonstrate their impact. Sharing and using data shouldn’t be another burden imposed on public benefit sector. It should be a time-saving and valuable part of the work they do every day.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation has a mandate to build healthy and vibrant communities across Ontario. As we work to deliver that mandate, we are committed to accountability, transparency and openness.

In compliance with the Govern​ment of Ontario’s “Open by Default” Open Data Directive, the Ontario Trillium Foundation is committed to posting​ its data in a simple and easy-to-use format. If you have any questions, please email us at opendata@otf.ca​​.

This site is your space to share ideas, knowledge, and promising practices to help further the Open Data movement.​​


  • ​This site open to everyone, and the content is tailored to the interests of those who are committed to the Open Data movement.

  • Anyone can read all content in this site.

  • Anyone can access OTF Open Data files.

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  • Access OTF Open Data in our data catalogue.  

  • Share knowledge and promote the open data initiatives of your organization.

  • Discuss challenges your organization is facing and identify collective solutions to common issues.

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Once again, OTF welcomes you to this site and we look forward to connecting with you.