​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Photo of Open Data Community Host Ben McNamee

​​OPEN DATA Community Co-Host
Ben McNamee

Ben McNamee is OTF’s Impact Measurement and Evaluation Analyst and co-host of this community space.

Ben’s love of data started at the breakfast table as a young child where he would pore over the baseball box scores in the morning paper. He was introduced to Open Data through his work as an impact analyst where his use of Canadian Revenue Agency Open Datasets combined with his work on measuring impact made him a believer in the power of Open Data to create a more effective social benefit sector. ​

Photo of Open Data Community Host Michael Lenczner

​​OPEN DATA Community CO-Host
Michael Lenczner

Michael Lenczner has been working in community and public-interest technology since 1999 and open data since 2005 and is the co-host of this community space.

Through Michael’s work with non-profits, governments, funders as well as advisory and lobbying groups, he has seen the transformative impact that Open Data can have on the public benefit sector. He enjoys discussing this impact with the Open Data community, sector leaders, data innovators, and other curious minds, in order to develop better ways of using data to empower us all.​