​​​​​When we think of community hubs, we think of public places in our communities, such as community centres, schools, or libraries, where people gather to develop their communities together.

Just as in real-life communities across Ontario, the virtual Community Hubs here in the Knowledge Centre bring people together.

Choose a Community Hub below for knowledge sharing, relationship building and learning around our Action Areas, Measurement, and Open Data.

​​​Active People Icon

Fostering more active lifestyles​

Inspired People Icon
Enriching people’s lives through arts, culture, and heritage​

Connected People Icon
Building inclusive and engaged communities together​​

Green People Icon
Encouraging people to support a healthy and sustainable environment​

Promising Young People Icon

Supporting the positive development of children and youth​

Prosperous People Icon
Enhancing people’s economic wellbeing with respectful and appropriate supports​

​Advancing the practice of evaluation and measurement to increase impact​

Empowering the public benefit sector through data​